About Farndale Care and Support Services

We provide a wide range of care packages and support services to people of all ages with learning disabilities throughout Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire since 1996 including the Farndale House Residential Care Home and the Farndale Day Care & Community Support Services.

We do 24 hour care, sleep ins and waking nights in the Service Users own home to keep them living at home instead of residential care. We offer holiday and short break support

At Farndale Care and Support Services we pride ourselves on offering a range of long and short-term care packages to children and adults of all ages, both in a domestic home setting and in our day care hubs. Our care home offers permanent placements. We can offer respite if we have the availability. Our philosophy is to treat each of our Service Users like we would expect our loved ones to be treated.

All of our care packages are bespoke to you or your loved one, and our fully-qualified team of professionals are led by managers who take the time to get to know each one of our Service Users. We understand the importance of maintaining dignity and individuality for all of our Service Users, which is why we work with you or your loved one to create care packages designed to complement independent living and respect.

Our years of experience have taught us the little things that count when providing excellent care. From staff who dress casually and not in a uniform when out in the community to care visits with specific times that suit our Service Users, not the needs of our business, we strive to deliver the very best care we can.

This attention to detail carries over from our domiciliary care into our lodges, where we offer a range of activities for both children and adults. These include everything from independent living skills courses and art and craft groups to meals, exercises, bingo and quizzes. In short, we offer care activities designed around the specific needs of each individual service user that doesn’t just fill their time but enhances their lives.

We offer this service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can be assured that your care team will know you or your loved one, and they will be committed to giving you the best care they possibly can. We’ve even taken Service Users on holiday, giving them the chance to live their life to the full.

All of our carers are fully qualified and are chosen because they reflect the values and commitment to excellence that our reputation is based on. We’re happy to discuss all of your care needs before you commit to any care packages with us, because we want you to know that our care is the right care for you and your family.

Under 18 Care

man and girl hugging a a disabled boy

When we opened Farndale Care and Support Services we noticed that although there are many care providers in our community, not many are registered to care for children up to the age of 18. We have designed care for children that reflects their individual circumstance and abilities, while also giving respite to carers within their home setting.

All of our team are fully-qualified and registered to work with children, and have great experience delivering under-18 care. All packages are bespoke to each service user and reviewed regularly.

Residential Care

ederley lady pouring a drink for a lady in a wheelchair

Our residential care home provides a range of care packages and activities, from respite care that offers family and home carers a break from their care duties to stimulating and fun activities that reflect every Service Users right to a fulfilling life.

We want our Service Users to enjoy their lives to the full, with care that isn’t designed to meet a rigid clock or a change of shift. If our Service Users are on the dance floor, then we want to give them the chance to be the last people on the dance floor at the end of the night! Our carers will help and support you or your loved one to be themselves in a comfortable and inclusive environment.

Our residential care offers everything from single-night sleepovers and waking nights to short breaks and respite, all delivered by our professional team of friendly, supportive and committed carers.

Day Care Support

man helping an older man

Day care can be a vitally important part of a Service Users daily life, and often means the difference between isolation and loneliness and inclusion and personal empowerment. We know what a friendly, supportive and trustworthy face that takes a real, active role in a Service Users life can mean to individuals in their own home. This service is built on our years of understanding that every service user is an individual to be valued and respected.

Whether you or your loved one need help shopping, visiting the doctors or just enjoying a full life, our team provides care bespoke to your own individual needs. Our team ensure that it is care delivered in casual clothes and in a friendly manner, because we know a uniform can be a barrier to feeling like a valued member of society.

We know the importance of a well-balanced diet, especially in Service Users with specific dietary needs, so our carers can prepare tasty and wholesome meals that conform to dietary requirements.

If help is needed visiting shops, than we are happy to help. And if a service user wants to visit the cinema, go out to eat or enjoy any other everyday activity we will be there. Our aim is to give each service user the chance to live their life to the very fullest.